About Me


Hello, my name is Sarah Hughes, and if you’re reading this, hi, welcome. I just recently graduated with my undergraduate degree and am currently on the search for a job and on the journey to living a more creative life. I decided to create this blog after months of contemplation and thinking things like “I wish I was a blogger.” I took that mentality and changed it to “I will become a blogger,” so here I am. While I do not think I am the most profound writer or that I live the most interesting life deserving of a blog, I do think that I have some mediocre words of wisdom that I can impose on people. Maybe. We’ll see. I’m not entirely sure what I want to do with this blog, but I figured I would figure that out along the way. Maybe not the best logic, but like everything else I do in life, I’m going to wing and hope it works out in the end and you are more than welcome to follow along and join in my journey of living more creatively. Let’s hope I don’t suck at this.

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